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a letter from Deercreek Investment Members, LLC

Dear Deercreek Members and Residents:

On behalf of Deercreek Investment Members, LLC, the group currently under contract to purchase Deercreek Country Club, thank you for your interest and support as we make the transition to new ownership. We are so excited for our members and the Deercreek Community about the future of our Club!

Thirty-one years ago, Deercreek Country Club should have been set up differently.  The thought that future homeowners would naturally want to belong to the beautiful Country Club that they built within the community, was just that, a thought. That is the reason that the HOA (homeowners association) does not own a pool, tennis court or an activity building. The same mistake was made at our sister clubs, Marsh Landing Country Club and Orange Park Country Club.

So here we are today, and we find ourselves in a situation where less than 40% of homeowners belong to the Club.  Without the support of the residents, it is very difficult to maintain a private country club. Orange Park Country Club went bankrupt last year and closed the doors on the Clubhouse and the tennis facility. Weeds grow around what once were beautiful fairways. Tee markers have been destroyed and the clubhouse and tennis courts are being taken over by vegetation.


Help us not let this happen to Deercreek Country Club!

Deercreek Investment Members, LLC

Fortunately, a small group of Deercreek members have formed a legal entity known as Deercreek Investment Members, LLC. This group has spent the past few months exploring the feasibility of buying the Club. We have come to the conclusion that Deercreek should be owned and operated as a Private Club and are committed to risking our own personal capital to make this happen.

Had we not decided to purchase the Club, it very likely would have been purchased by a daily fee golf operator, This is a group or company that purchases a facility like Deercreek at a value price and turns it into public golf course. Their business plan depends on selling around 35,000 rounds of golf a year to anyone willing to pay the price. They don’t invest in the rest of the infrastructure like tennis courts, pool, or the Clubhouse.  They just sell rounds of golf. Once the cost of maintaining the facility becomes unprofitable, they declare bankruptcy and walk away from the property leaving the homeowners to deal with the mess. A daily fee operator scenario would have significantly increased the traffic in the development and the congestion at the guard gate. Furthermore, going from a PRIVATE CLUB to a PUBLIC GOLF COURSE is proven to reduce property values, which should concern ALL residents.

How will the LLC purchase work?

The LLC will purchase the Club with the expectation that their investment will be repaid with interest over time. The LLC has plans for some significant capital improvements to make Deercreek a Club that the members and the community will be proud of. Imagine a Deercreek with fresh paint on all of the building, a pool that you are proud to bring guests to, parking lots that are sealed and illuminated, bridges that are attractive and safe, greens that are always smooth, a first-class tennis facility, and an exercise room that is functional and clean.  And most importantly, food prepared by a chef that is so delicious you will actually look forward to eating at the Club. The NEW Deercreek Country Club will be a Club that you will be proud to be a member of, which is why we need significant member and resident support.

All of this is possible if a substantial number of our current members agree to join the New Deercreek Country Club. By agreeing to join the Club and paying a reasonable Initiation Fee that will help with Club improvements, you can help turn Deercreek into a premier private Club. If you are a non-resident member of the Club, your membership is also important for the long-term success of the Club and we look forward to your ongoing participation.  However, we do recognize the fact that you might have less to gain than a resident member; therefore, we have priced your Initiation Fee below resident members.

Help Us Keep Your Club Private!

How Can You Get Involved?

If you are NOT CURRENTLY a member of the Club this is a great time to join. Since we will be owned and operated by members, the New Deercreek will work to provide you the amenities that you are interested in. If you are a former member and you left, now is the time to rejoin and help us make Deercreek a Club that exceeds your expectations.
We have done our best to anticipate your questions so we have included a lengthy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which we hope will provide answers. The last page is a sign-up sheet. This is your opportunity to become part of this exciting endeavor. With your help we will make the NEW Deercreek Country Club the Club that we have spent years hoping for.

Please contact Kendahl Mills For information regarding Founder Memberships:

Deercreek Investment Members. LLC


By registering with the New Deercreek Country Club, you will stay up to date with our efforts in purchasing our beloved country club. Please tell us a bit about yourself so we can better serve your membership needs. 

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Kendahl Mills, Membership Coordinator

Kendahl is a familiar face at Deercreek Country Club! She worked with us as our Membership Director for over 6 years before having her daughter in 2019. We are pleased she will be assisting us with Deercreek 2020 as your Consulting Membership Coordinator. Kendahl is available to assist you with any questions you may have as well as membership enrollment. 



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